Take driving lessons in an automatic

Quickly obtain your driving licence!
Driving lessons in an autmatic car are the future. It wasn´t very popular to drive an automatic car, but these days car manufacturers take the step to automatic gear boxes. So, driving lessons in an automat are not that crazy. Besides that, there are a few important advantages to take lessons in an automatic car.


We would like to sum some up for you:

  • The driving is easier

    And therefor more economical.

  • Less maneuvers

    You can fully concentrate on other traffic

  • You are taking driving lessons in the car of the future

    That is noticeable by the new car models that are equipped by default with an automatic gearbox.

  • Driving lessons in an automatic are ideal if you find it hard to drive stick shift

    Or if you have a fear of failing. Driving an automatic car is ideal for students with a medical disability.

  • Have you had a lot of driving lessons at another driving school?

    Do you find it hard to drive stick shift? Choose for an automatic car.

Professional guidance

At Save Rijopleiding, you can choose to take driving lessons in an automat. You will be guided by an expert who will also prepare you for your driving test. Because you have to do less maneuvers during driving, the driving lessons are also ideal for people that have a fear of failing. Candidates with, for example, ADHD or autism can also really benefit of this style of driving. With a driving licence for an automatic car, you are ready for the future!

Would you like to take driving lessons in an automatic car?

Would you like to take driving lessons in an automat? Contact us now at Save Rijopleiding via telephone +316 – 260 66 458 or send us an e-mail at [email protected].