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Save RijopleidingAmsterdam

Looking for a complete, best quality and affordable driving course at a driving school in Amsterdam? Wanting to pass your driving license quickly and drive at a driving school in Amsterdam? Then you have got the right address at our driving school Save Rijopleiding.

Electric car

Driving lessons in an electric car

Experience your driving lessons in the newest electric Audi Q4 with the latest technology and safety.

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Driving lessons in an automatic car

Save Rijopleiding offers driving lessons in an automatic car. An automatic has got many advantages over a manual car. One of these advantages is that you will be able to pass more quickly.

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Manual cars

Driving lessons in a manual car

Would you prefer driving lessons in a manual car? That is possible as well, of course. Read more here about the possiblities.

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About us

Our driving school offers quality at a competitive price! We have many students from the Netherlands and also many students who live in the Netherlands temporarily for study or work. Get in contact with our Driving school Save Rijopleiding for more information about the possiblities. Save Rijopleiding focusses only on offering top quality driving lessons. That is why our driving school is well known in Amsterdam and surroundings.
Our driving school teaches in different languages, including English. For more information, contact us on the contact form.
We are member of Stichting Rijschoolbelang and we are along with the Volkswagen driver’s license.

What our students say about us

Sayed is a very decent, reliable , and strict driving instructor ~ this man is very serious about his job – your driving lessons.

And he is not only focus to help you to pass the exam also think about your owndriving safety in the future !

I had contact Mr. Sayed in 2014, and heard from him that he has a very very long waiting list ~ so, I decide not to wait and contact another driving instructor who is available, and the lessons with him took me nearly 1 year and I still did not feel confidence with him, and then I go back to Sayed, and started in the end of 2015 ~

Here it is ! I just got my license on 27-06-2016 ~~ in my first exam!

The thing is , you should really choose the good one rather than you just started with someone who is available ~~

Thanx a lot and cheers ~

Hi Sayed,

I received the confirmation mail from Cbr, so happy! Want to say thank you one more time! Thanks for every lesson, all the practice, your experience, knowledge, and patience.

Perhaps I will contact you soon as I would need you advice again, but this time is not about driving, but about buying a car. 🙂

Take care

Mission imposible, this was the first word jump to me when I started my driving learning journal in Amsterdam. It is not that driving is too difficult or too technical, it is just a skill which is better to be learnt young and the years of small habits can stop you from going back to basics. When I am driving I tend to overcomplicating things, keep bothered by the past, e.g did I do that thing correct, am I driving in the middle of the lane, did I miss sth some important sign? All these things bugs me and prevent me to just go back to the basics, which is recognise the current situation and react. Yes, reacting, not thinking, not overcomplicating things, just observing and reacting. These simples are somehow just so difficult for me, I had been through so many demotivated learning experiences and I was almost giving up. Thanks that here come Sayed, he is calm and positive, he is patient and relax, he will say just give it one more try when you have made up your mind to give up. He will calm you down and make you focus on the present when you are bothered by the past or something else. From impossible to possible, from totally failure to success, i made it possible in the end, but I can never do it without Sayed. Thank you, Sayed

I’ve got my driving license this April with the help with Sayed. He is a very experienced instructor, with much patience and great temperament/character/insight in human beings. With him I have driven all the possible examination routes, acquired lots of knowledge and skills on the road. His instruction even changed my way of thinking in life. I really benefit greatly from lessons given by him. One more thing I would like to mention is the camera system in his car, it helps me hugely in memorizing the roads and analyzing my mistakes during the lesson. With the video made from this system, I believe a lot of time has been saved in my improvement.

I am really lucky and thankful to have met such a good instructor as Sayed, especially after I lost my hope in driving with the first one!!!

Jinfeng Shen

Wish you Success in your plan of expanding the business and happiness with your lovely family!

Mr. Sayed as a driving coach is the best one. During my whole learning period, I can say that I got full of driving silks and comprehensive explanation of driving theory from him. Today I just passed the exam, congratulation to myself! The road I got today is just the way which I practiced with Mr. Sayed. He is really an experienced coach! Before I took the exam, he summarized all the important points for me, most of them are the mistakes which I made during practice. It is really helpful. If you want to pass the exam and driving safely in the future, to be honest, just contact him.

Dear Said,

As promised a summery of my exam and driving lessons:

My glad I’m writing this summery since I just passed my driving exam in 1 time 🙂 Thanks to Said!!

From the 1st lesson, when I have never touched the wheel, till today I can drive confidently, I am really appreciate the time and efforts of Said!

Before the final exam, I had the pre-exam, through which I got more or less a feeling of the exam, be more aware of my weakness and points I need to focus on, and luckily I also won the exemptions in the final exam.

Right before final exam, Said planned strategically the routes and lectures for me specifically according to my situation. He does his best to show his students all the situations that we need to experience during the lessons, which is very precious according to me! And the last route he leaded me was almost the exactly same route as exam route (Said’s magic power)! All these little details add up to success, pass in 1 time!! Most important, drive SAFE!

Thank you very much, Said!

Wish you all the best with Save Rijopleiding!

I am so happy that I will get my driving license. For me, the reasons I passed road test first time can be concluded as below:

  1. Regarding test as normal training and do not be nervous. I believe myself I can drive as my coach has already sent me to the exam. Talking with examiner and help me a lot to get rid of nervous.
  2. During exam, almost all the roads are familiar to me as coach has showed all situations during training, it will be not difficult you find my way.

Really has not too much to say, because exam is exactly the same as normal training. Just keep mind of all the details what coach has told and made them as habits, it is quite easy to pass.

I passed my exam on January 27, 2015. I would like to give a big thank to Sayed, who has helped me out to get my license, it’s been a long journey for me, thank you for being with me so patiently. In addition, he has his own teaching methods for the beginners to get to know the car and driving in a better way. His car has a video recorder, each time after the practice you can review those video’s at home to find out your mistakes, which can be improved later. I must say this is a very good homework after the practice. Sayed is a very nice guy, responsible for his students and a good friend.

Thank you again and all the best,

Just passed my practical exam last week Friday with the first lucky trial, and Said is
definitely the first person I want to thank!

Before the exam, Said already gave
me a heads-up on which road my examiner would give and what his preference was
(always reaching the max. speed if possible) – simply because Said has so much
experience with the examiners and he knew!

It came with no surprise that
during the exam I was more confident than ever and had the time and energy to
pay more attention to details since I knew in advance where we were heading

I really appreciate all those days
when Said patiently explained everything what are important on the road and
used all “strategic” methods to make driving safely as part of my
mentality – then good driving behaviors automatically became a habit.

I would recommend Said and his
driving school to everyone who would like to have their driving licenses. His
professional approach would benefit people from all background.

I just passed the exam on tuesday, 8 april 2014. i would like to appreciate my instructor mr Sayd. from him,
you could learn how to drive a car more confidential and safe. in addition, he has a logical
arrangement based on different person, which you could more easily to improve your driving skills in a
short time. Mr Sayd is a cool guy, driving with
him has lots of fun. and you will never regret your choice.

Hey Sayed,

Op deze manier nog heel erg
bedankt voor de gezellige uren in de auto, alle cappuccino’s en je vele
geduld!! Ik heb enorm veel van je geleerd en ik zou (en zal) je bij iedereen
aanbevelen. Je bent een goede kerel en een fijne rij-instructeur. Je bent altijd
duidelijk en komt je afspraken na. Bedankt voor alles en misschien tot ziens! Het was mij een waar genoegen.

I absolutely enjoyed having Said as my instructor, he was friendly, patient and approachable; most
importantly he made me feel a lot more confident than my previous instructor. The
two-hour intensive course was just right for me; during the practice he
explained everything carefully, clearly and was a good listener, I would
definitely recommend him to anyone else.

Strongly recommend Said coach!!!

I found Said through the driving
school stats website, which shows very high pass rate for him. Here I would
like to share my experience. As most of the Chinese, I started my driving
lesson with zero skill. Said was very patient, friendly. He helped me getting
familiar with the technical skills inside the car and helped me to make plans
about my theory test. He is not the teacher who just watch you driving for each
lesson, but really plans for your progress. He is teaching very complete but
also detailed skills, from bigger scales of how to sense ambulance, to the
smallest scale of an eye contact. Although sometimes his high standard may
makes you feel bit down, don’t worry, just talk to him and discuss with him about
your frustration, and he will help you to regain your confidence. My biggest
advice is to take his words/instructions seriously and learn from it. During
the first part of my lesson, I was not taking his words seriously, partly
because I often drove after work and I was quite tired. It turned out that I
was learning slowly and repeating same mistakes. Said addressed my problem, so
I started taking notes about what he said and focused my mind on driving. Since
then, my skills improved significantly, and it turned out that all his words
were very useful! Said is also a very smart coach, he knows how to plan a route
that challenges your skills. Just tell him what kind of traffic you want to
encounter and he will bring you there. Sometimes don’t be surprised if you find
yourself driving in the opposite route (great fun!).

I would like to thank Said for
helping me from a girl who is afraid of driving to a confident driver!! 🙂 The
process feels like a journey, not by my own, but with Said, together we went
through all the up and downs! And the ending is SUCCESS!

— Said is very responsible,
friendly, easy-communication

— He has a lot of knowledge and
experience of teaching driving

— He makes plans for your progress

— Take his advice seriously, they
are all useful!


Thanks Said for all your help 🙂 I
do miss Tiguan a lot! Hope soon I can start touching the steering wheel again.
Keep in contact 😛

Bedankt Said voor je hulp n gedult 😉
Jij bent de beste van Amsterdam. Dankzij jouw heb ik mijn rijbewijs gehaalt
Ook nog n het eerste keer, ben zo blij echtwaar :)))
Heb 3 rijscholen geprobeerd maar bij Said had ik gelijk het gevoel van trouw n eerlijkheid n ook streng n dat is wel de reden dat iedereen slaagt bij hem n( een keer)
Nogmaals bedankt voor alles